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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  August 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the first day of school. i know how it goes. [laughter] >> we are a little bit of rain. those of the places that will deal with a lot of wet weather to start of the day. baltimore's in t upper 60's right now. there is still a chance for thunderstorms even today. any thunderstorm that develops coulbring some heavy rain. make sure the kids had off to school with some rain gear. now to traffic pulse 11. >> let's stick to prepared. if you'll be heading out to school this morning, we are tracking an accident and health board. righin the area of the highway. be careful there. other than that,e are dealing with some closures. that is due to a water main break.
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we also have some closures in the city. major roadways in pretty good shape at this hour. let's take a live look outside. inner and outer lips and -- in great shape at this time. let's switch over to a live view of traffic. so far so good. problem three t to the beltway. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning, close to 1 million students are returning to the cluster and this morning. >> all amid questions about the spending habits of the districts to. in northeast baltimore that story. >> good morning. students will come back to a
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brand new school edition. it has been a long time coming. an official ribbon cutting. of course, the ceo should face questions over the weekend that he, along with some members of the administration charge hundreds of thousands of dollars on school stem credit cards over the past year and a half. it was about how school officials were spending money. they're trying to close a deficit and also spent the last year lobbying the state. it pays for big-ticket construction items. the governor, the state school superintendent about how dollars are being spent.
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>> now to baltimore county first y of school. >> that is where we find kim. a brand newing into building, i understand. that is a brand-new building just across the parking lot from the old one. there will be here to commemorate the opening and welcome students. the first time today. 11 news, new sneak peek inside the school this week. the new building has been on the drawing board for more than three years. both students and administrators are excited to utilize the space. >> the building inspires the creativity. the creativity inspires the building.
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hope everybody feels these are students who are deeply and passionately committed to something they love. >> it will also be home to the new baltimore symphony youth orchestra. it houses a 1000 seat theater. >> that brings us to the water cooler question of the day. what is your favorite memory? you can send us an e-mail. >> sunday, severe storms had subsided. the aftermath is causing some major headaches for parents. they should look out for a downed trees. the commute may be worse in baltimore city. with that in mind, a sinkhole has reopened. it was originally caused by infrastructure.
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it has caused another setback. they have evacuated two nearby homes. the sidewalk may become unstable. >> it is ok right now. we are hopeful that everything will be all right. everything is pretty well stable on either side. we were concerned that we had to get people out. >> business is said to have already lost thousands of dollars because of the sinkhole. >> three people recovering after being rescued from a four-alarm fire. nearly 100 firefighters rushed to the scene after they received calls of people trapped inside a burning building. three people were rescued. all were transported to the hospital. one of them was taken to the burn center. one firefighter was also injured. the cause of the fire has not
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yet been determined. >> family and friends gathered at the methodist church. they were both killed while sitting on the side of the train bridge when the cars derailed. according to autopsy reports, both girls died of asphyxiation. the accident is still under investigation. 70 degrees. tropical storms in the east. >> plus, and high turns deadly for a man in alaska. what caused a grisly to attack. >> a live picture of the beltway. we will have more when we come
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. a live look at the downtown area right now. a few clouds in the sky. a few areas you may wind up with a little bit of fog. we will talk about the forecast in a few minutes. want to give you a live look at isaac. heavy rain continues to push through. now just off to the west coast of florida, we have the center of isaac. this storm basically wis -- missing the west coast of florida. this will continue to go off to the west where it is expected to turn into a category one hurricane later today. that could be a big concern as they may be impacted by a hurricane category one, possibly to by wednesday.
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we're definitely keeping an eye on this. details on that and our 70 forecast when we come back. -- our seven-day forecast when we come back. >> covering the nation this morning, all eyes are on isaac this morning. a hurricane warning in effect for the entire gulf coast. plus, the governors of mississippi and louisiana have now declared states of emergency. the storms forecasted to come ashore wednesday morning, which is the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. more on tropical storm isaac and how it is affecting the republican national convention. earthquakes on the west coast. 70 moderate earthquakes were felt monday from southern california right on into arizona. the latest was a 5.5 magnitude.
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that was just before 2:00 p.m.. several earthquakes and aftershocks were felt in the region, but no reports of injuries. >> park officials have confirmed a backpacker was killed in a grisly attack. park officials later the remains. they shot and killed a grizzly bear. the attack was heard after he came within 50 yards of the grisly and started taking pictures. >> the time now is 5:11. we will break down some ways to save the most on textbooks. >> if you have not gotten dressed for school yet this morning, stay tuned.
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> a good morning to you. it is back to school for many kids. let's get to prepare to head out on the road. if you're traveling this morning, further south westbound, we have an accident. maybe some lane closures there.
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corporate center drive. the water main break with some closures related to it. once again, monument street shut down. missing cole is an issue in that area. a live look at traffic. an update for you. as the travel over towards the jfx, a smooth ride into town at this hour. checkpoints are just fine at this hour. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. good morning. >> good morning. we have buses operating at patterson park. the scene cold there, there's a 20-minute delay. looking good. no delays. you're right to the grand prix of baltimore.
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to plan ahead, visit mtama >> unfortunately, we are still saying rain out there. looking at this, we can see the majority of them are across the eastern shore. we have some heavy rain starting to push on in. now this is pushing up into pennsylvania. some of this moving over into delaware. westbound, not as much right now. maybe some light drizzle out there. the majority of the states will see most of their rain chances as they get into the afternoon. let's take a look what happened yesterday. starting at 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning. we had a lot of thunderstorms
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pushed in. you should see those shades. that is rainfall of three, even 4 inches per hour. many regions got all of these storms. currently, temperatures are 74. 69 degrees white marsh checking in at 72 right now. within a band of clouds across the entire state. that storm system that affected us yesterday is starting to move off shore. that is what is causing those showers are now across the bay. a cold front which could be later this afternoon and into tomorrow as well. there is a chance for thunderstorms, especially as you go toward the afternoon. for tonight, a slight chance of
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showers. 60's as you get out into the suburbs. an isolated chance for thunderstorms early tomorrow. it will be beautiful on wednesday. >> in today's consumer alert, some students from attending college. the number of grants caching and has fallen dramatically. that is because cash-strapped states are cutting funding. schools to not have the money to make up for the cutbacks. speaking of saving money during college, it always seems to incline. that depends on whether you want to make more at the end. in general, used textbooks are the better bet.
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rentals will city more in the beginning -- nearly 40% more. are your kids getting ready for school this morning? they want to know what is hot and what is not. the editor of seventeen magazine has some tips. >> the editor has fiscal year's hottest trends. she says the first do is polka dots -- they are back. so is a plaid. >> you want to bounce something short with a cozy sweater and a cute little jack and some fierce little booties. >> not just any skinny jeans. >> make sure there is something special, like a print or cool color. >> you can still look good.
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when your classroom feels more like antarctica, no need to sacrifice style to keep warm. get yourself a really cute cardigan. it looks more polished than a hoodie or 18 jacket. >> who dies, we did not forget about you. she says try slimmer jeans. >> letterman jackets, whether you play a sport or not, are really good. >> if you wear a uniform, you can still make a statement by changing shoelaces to something bright or printed. have fun with accessories. >> the money saving tips. she says to splurge on one item. find cheaper items to pair with it. she says this is the best way to maximize your closet on a budget. >> if you want a samsung tablet or smartphone, he may want to consider buying it what you can.
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as tropical storm is it is coming in, gas prices. good morning. >> good morning. crude oil prices. there has been a refinery shutdown. 8% of natural gas output has been halted. a deadly refinery explosion in venezuela. that is sending gasoline prices up this morning. they have to change their designs after a u.s. jury friday ruled the top maker infringed on apple copyrights. the same court will hold a hearing next month. let's check out features this morning. very flat. little bit lower is what we are looking for.
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there'll be something else soon to stimulate the economy. bloomberg news, reporting. >> the fed may be about to do something to help the economy. how about unemployment. anything on that front? >> of course, they are trying to get unemployment boosted. it is not just employment. people who lost their jobs, and they have a whole new set of problems. i will tell you more about that and the really difficult situation they face. >> thank you. >> 5:22. still ahead, we are tracking tropical storm isaac. ofll see the anniversary hurricane katrina just days away. >> our water cooler question of the day. what is your favorite back to school memory. we will share your response on our facebook page.
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>> a new tropical storm warning has been issued for louisiana's coast. the storm is gaining strength this morning as it heads toward through the gulf of mexico to note the vienna -- to louisiana, especially towards normans. >> the states have declared emergencies. we have the latest. >> gulf coast residents are preparing for the worst. laying sandbags and launching emergency response teams. is it has already sent wind and rain ripping through florida leaving thousands without power. >> everybody from louisiana over through florida is to be watching this carefully. >> now the storm is marching
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through the gulf of mexico. it could possibly hit the city wednesday on the seventh year anniversary of katrina. >> now is not the time to panic, but it is the time to engage and get ready. >> people throughout alabama, mississippi, and the florida panhandle are also getting ready. in alabama, residents boarded up their home series they headed to home depot and loaded up on generators and plywood. preparing to wait out any massive storm. >> the red cross has already sent volunteers to all states. just as an example, they are opening 20 shelters. >> 5:26 and 70 degrees. still ahead, live in baltimore.
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the first day of school and some concerns about school spending. that story coming out. >> tropical storm is it continues its stance with florida. what that means for the republican national convention in tampa. >> as the kids set off to school, they may want their rain gear. the details in the forecast. >> how is the morning commute shñi
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>> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> came down pretty hard yesterday. >> a lot of lightning as well.
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some places got 3 inches of rain, including at the airport. we are starting off a little more quiet. they are seeing a couple scattered showers and thunderstorms. we have 70 degrees. 71 right now. for the kid knows heading back to the first day of school, a little patchy fog this morning. temperatures in the low 70's to start the day. highs will be in the mid 80's. we do have to watch out for scattered thunderstorms. maybe the kids should have a backup plan on how to get home from school. >> love the first day of school. let me tell you. very nice. let me tell you what is going on as you prepare for your morning commute. here is what to expect. right near wilson street. we have an accident taking of the right and left lane there. also, we have a water main break
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with some closures in a fact. be careful there. that is an advance of the grand prix. once again, a single problem. watch for closures in that area. a live view of traffic. in a live traffic is pretty light at this hour. starting to build towards the west side. we are looking good at the moment. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> today, tampa is getting drenched as two powerful forces collide in florida -- republicans and mother nature. >> off the gop national convention will have to do a little shifting in their schedule. good morning.
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>> good morning. here we are, in tampa. we're starting to see the convention fill up with delegates in a few hours. now, the real business will not start until tomorrow. partynvention's kickoff featured athletic dancers. but the real acrobatics are happening elsewhere as convention organizers juggle the schedule banks to isaac. >> no matter where the storm goes, we're concerned about the safety of people. >> nimble, meeting the schedule may change again. they have not ruled out attacking on friday. not everyone will make it until then. >> at this point, we will monitor each day. if necessary, we will return. >> his state is under a state of emergency, along with louisiana, off as the people there marquetry oppose the seven-year
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anniversary. >> outside, a bar owner says the storm has not mess with his business forecast. >> it is meeting expectations, regardless of isaac. >> if he is less wary of business. >> i am more worried about the acts of god. >> that is why there are keeping such a close eye on isaac. amman entering this storm. deaf to balance their need for sensitivity heading right through the gulf. with a desire to keep the contention -- to keep the big convention in tact. >> was on the agenda for today and tomorrow? >> today, the convention technically gavels in at 2:00. it is really just a two-minute session. they have a big clock run around the corner from where they are standing, intending to show how
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much the debt is accumulating. tomorrow at 2:00 is when the real work starts. that is when they go through the roll call to officially nominate mitt romney. >> all right. live from tampa. thank you. >> now to our big local story. maryland students should be packing their bags this about now, getting ready for the first day of class. >> expect big changes when it comes to their child's bus routes. >> a good morning. in front of a brand new school addition. when students return this morning, they should expect to answer questions today about his administration's spending habits on travel and on dinners. questions were raised over the
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weekend in the baltimore sun about charges to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars. in the meantime, some big changes are underway this morning. but it may start a slightly different time this morning. expect them to get new bus passes. they are electronic and we are told will be issued at schools today. the big story, you'll be able to pose some of those questions. live in northeast baltimore, tv 11 news. >> thank you. now for the latest in baltimore county's first day of school. >> kids they're entering a brand
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spanking new building. >> they certainly are. a brand-new building right across the parking lot. the new county superintendent will be here to welcome the students with an assembly this morning. the new building will be opening its doors for the first time in just a couple of hours. 11 news got a sneak peek. arts and technology is a county- wide school. the new building has been on the drawing board for more than three years. both students and administrators are excited to utilize the new state. >> i hope everybody feels that these are students who are deeply and passionately committed to something that they love. >> it will also be home to the new baltimore city orchestra her >> thank you very much.
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being remembered this morning. he was killed when the bicycle he was riding collided with a bus. the circumstances surrounding the accident are still under investigation. >> he touched a lot of lives. i feel like to host a funeral for him, the would have to have it at a stadium. >> arrangements are set for wednesday morning. the time now, 5:37. a warning involving your child's backpack and school supplies that could be toxic. plus, the more you know. >> this morning's medical alert.
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>> our water cooler question of the day -- what is your favorite back to school memory? share your response on or send us an e-mail. >> we are preparing you for that back-to-school commute this morning. a few
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>> welcome back to 11 news. here is a live look to the skycam right now. a few areas may wake up to some patchy fog. even though one storm has left, another one is on the way. we still have a chance for thunderstorms at any point
5:41 am
today. a specialist to get towards the afternoon. ocean city around 84. the mountains may see a little bit more sunshine. even here in baltimore we may get a few breaks in the cloud cover. once this front clears by, beautiful weather on the way. details coming up. >> in this morning's a medical alert, you may need to rethink some of the school supplies you purchased for them. >> a new study finds many vinyl products contain a chemical that could cause harmful effects for kids. >> today we are releasing a report that shows many of the popular back to school products are laden with toxic chemicals. they are already banned in
5:42 am
children's toys in the u.s. the have shown to be harmful. >> chances are, your kids are not having easy time this morning. but they could be waking up smarter than they were last night. researchers played a particular tone and then follow that town with an unpleasant smell. they reacted to that tone by either in hailing or cutting their breath short for a bad smell. people can learn new information, however not ready to do that in class. do not do that. >> you may want to enroll your kids in music class as this year. >> music training early in life may have lasting benefits. the measure the brains of 45 college students. some have a 0 music lessons. others have 11 years of
5:43 am
training. they had improved neurological responses. they have been linked to listening and learning habits. >> if your kids are sports fans, there will have plenty to talk about one class's start today. >> the least popular player in baltimore. we are joined live with your latest sports news.
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>> now, traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. a look at your monday morning commute. if you're heading back to school with the kids, no with the commute is shaping up to be like. let's get you up to date. be careful there. at least one lane is close at
5:46 am
this time. we have some closures and a fact. that sinkhole is an issue. here is a live look at traffic. checking out just fine. a little more volume in the eastbound direction. let's switch over to a live view of traffic. southbound traffic going away from us. getting really having now. we will update you on those other delays once they fall into place. now let's get the latest on the buses and trains. good morning. >> good morning. we have trains cancelled. and other trains operating on schedule. we do have a delay running 20 minutes late.
5:47 am
on the bus, the 13 and 35 buses diverting due to the sinkhole. please be advised that some service in the area will be affected, so plan ahead. for more details. now back to ava marie. >> we're watching the radar closely. unfortunately, there is a little bit of wet weather out there. nowe got some rain showers moving east. a rising sun getting rained on. a quick little shower here in just a little bit. it looks mostly dry. baltimore has a chance to see more thunderstorms in the
5:48 am
afternoon. the state look at the temperature is right now as he stepped out the door. downtown at 74. ocean city checking in at 72. other than that, there are a couple of breaks in the cloud cover. the storm system that impacted us yesterday now moving offshore. boy is that a heavy one. we really were able to catch up from the drought we were in. this will be causing some rain chances as well. we have a tropical storm is it down there heading for the gulf coast. that is where it will be aiming. first, i want to get to our forecast. we'll have a few breaks in the cloud cover.
5:49 am
there is a chance for scattered thunderstorms. highs today in the mid 80's. maybe even some isolated showers as reluctant to the overnight. a look down in florida. boy have they been getting some rain. here is the actual circulation from isaac. it could be strengthening to a hurricane later today. most likely into louisiana. that is a big concern, especially for areas like new orleans. >> thank you. as the teenagers have back to school, many of them will be spending time in the car alone. >> it can be a major hazard for inexperienced drivers. some apps can help parents keep
5:50 am
an eye on their teams. >> the new school year means new teenage drivers with new privileges. >> according to several government statistics, younger drivers are most susceptible to distractions behind the wheel. as the nation-wide crackdown on distractive driving continues, parents are trying to make sure they're teenagers develop good habits early. it allows drivers to respond without touching the phone. a limiting that urge to take hands off of the wheel. an entire family of 04 can use the app for 999 -- $9.99 per month. they can track multiple young drivers in a family. but the key to the safe driving works with hardware installed in the vehicle to block of vehicles
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entirely. those come straight to voice mail. text messages get an automatic reply. >> all right. the time now, 5:51. 70 degrees. they looked when he joins us for sports. >> here is a look at last night's winning a maryland lottery numbers.
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>> time to get to one of your answers for our water clear question of the day. he says, it was the night before the first day of school when i laid out my back to school clothes. more in the next hour on >> now, 11 sports with keep mills. >> good morning. they cut the cord. he was given his release yesterday. the ravens cut down to their 75- man limit. it also means he will be the kicker when the season opens. he will forever be known for this and this field goal. i think ultimately that
5:55 am
eventually cost him his job here. lost faith in the fact that he could make the big kick. that, plus justin tucker is good. no stranger to the big stage. it certainly proves he has the talent. the question, can he handle the pressure with a super bowl berth on the line? high school football last night. his greyhound's played cincinnati in a televised game. down 28-0. next drive, again. he is headed to maryland. 36 yards. he happens to be the alma maters of ken griffey jr.. two baseball hall of famers.
5:56 am
beats him in a televised game last night. the orioles are back at it tonight. they ran out yesterday against the blue jays. a avenue starting pitcher. they traded him yesterday when he was 6-10 in arizona. the angels will likely start wednesday. the orioles tied. just 4.5 games back from the yankees, heading into the last 5.5 weeks. >> that is pretty exciting. >> coming up in the next hour, consider yourself lucky. >> are you having trouble relating to your kids today?
5:57 am
you're not alone. a humorous approach. >> as you continue to get ready for the first day of school, we are live in baltimore county. that starts at 6:01. >> keeping an eye on the forecast for the kids heading back to school as well. >> volume is picking up around the area. we will update you on delays and spots to avoid, coming up. spots to avoid, coming up.
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>> live in northeast baltimore. the first day of school and first best they concerns about some spending habits. coming up. >> tropical storm is it heads to the northwest. what makes this so familiar to what makes this so familiar to the


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